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Save $800 to $1,329 on Firmness Adjustible Air Beds. Featuring Colored Controls.


Alfa Airbeds has helped its customers find maximum comfort in their ideal mattress.  Below are just a few testimonials from our satisfied customers.

I was sleeping on a King Size Select Comfort mattress and there were things I liked and disliked about it. But after moving into a smaller room that the king was too big for I began researching other air mattresses to replace it. The Airbed offered more for the money and when I called for information I was impressed by the salespersons knowledge and patience in answering all my questions. Now after having both, I believe the Airbed to be a better quality bed and that helps me sleep better! Thank you, The foundation took sometime to assemble but it is very well made and well worth the effort! I do wish the firmness controller was in finer increments for more custom adjustability but other wise I am very happy with my mattress.

Tim, Chesire, CT

We researched different types of bed's on line. Great customer service, someone is always there to answer any questions, any time of the day, even when we are on different time zones, and of course technical support is the same.

Both myself and my Husband Roger have bad backs, I have had back surgery in 1993, my husband needs surgery which would be a very extensive one. He is trying to wait until the time comes that he has no choice. In the mean time he has to get up one hour earlier in the mornings to "work out his back spasms" by massage, hot baths etc. We both work in the medical field, Roger works in the operating room, working 12hr shift's and call. We knew our bed was part of our problem, as it was 10 years old. We researched on line the Sleep Number Bed, it had some enticing features, but many features we did not like, such as: we are a newly married couple (8 years) and we did not want a bed that would separate us as a couple in bed, secondly, it would not elevate the direct stress by just positioning, he had tried this by resorting to the couch using cushions to elevate his legs etc. We needed something that we would still feel that we were in bed together, where we could control the pressure on certain problem areas such as the lumbar region.

We just put the bed together yesterday, went to bed early to take in our experience, and we both slept for 12 hours, waking up with no back spasms. This bed is so important considering both of our spinal issues. It will be a great break-through, to see my husband jump out of bed, shower and be at work within 30 minutes as most men do. For me, I get about 4 bad back inflammations a year, unsure of the onsets, but what has worked for me in the past is, sleep on the floor, the harder the better. Now, I can sleep in my bed, regulating it, to my needs. thank you.

Roger and Patricia, Aliso Viejo, CA

My wife and I both suffer from lower back pain. However, she sleeps on her back and I sleep on my stomach so we need different degrees of firmness in a mattress. This bed has made it possible for us to each have our individual mattress firmness without making the other person "suffer" with a firmer or softer mattress than is comfortable for them.

We have only had the bed for a few days, but the difference from our previous "conventional" mattress is incredible.


Terry and Denise, Bozeman, MT

The bed was fairly easy to put together. I only slept on it one night. I am looking forward to testing it out further to see if the mattress continues to sleep as well as it did the first night. I liked the fact that I was able to adjust my side of the bed to the softness I wanted.

John and Susan, Ravenswood, WV

Thank you for our air mattress. I bought the bed on Ebay. I searched for the bed on ebay. I was looking for competitors to Select Comfort. The first two nights my husband and I slept on it we didn't move. We noticed we don't have to sleep as long because our sleep is so much better.

Angela, Central Point, OR

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