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Save $800 to $1,329 on Firmness Adjustible Air Beds. Featuring Colored Controls.

Compare The Alfa Air Bed With Other Air Mattresses

Here are a few more reasons why you should choose an Alfa Airbed. Our air mattress is better than the competitors, such as Select Comfort™ in virtually every way. If you can find a better air mattress, let us know and we will help you make fair comparisons so that you can be sure that you are making the right purchase decision. Here is a comparison with The Sleep Number® P6 Bed, Select Comfort's closest model to our Alfa Air Beds.

Sleep Number® P6

Alfa Air Beds

The Alfa Advantage

Price (Queen Size)

+ Tax
$1999.00 Now Only $1,499!
(Tax Only in NJ)
Much More Affordable
(More Than $800 in Savings)

Price (King Size)

+ Tax
$2349.00 Now Only $1,799!
(Tax Only in NJ)
Much More Affordable
(More Than $1,050 in Savings)


$79.99FreeMore Affordable
($79.99 in Savings)


Fan Pump Type
Placed Under Bed
Medical Pump
Installed Inside Bed
More Durable, Reliable and Accurate
Takes Up Less Space
Cleaner Look

Air Delivery Tubing

PVC TubingSteel Reinforced Kink Free Hose More Reliable
More Efficient
More Precise Firmness Adjustments

Hose Connectors

Separate Quick ConnectorScrew On Connector Mold Cast As Part Of Hose Tighter Fit
No Leaks
More Efficient Air Flow
More Reliable

Mattress Center

Foam Divider Between Air ChambersAttached Air Chambers Smoother Transition From One Side of Mattress to the Other
Vibrations Do Not Transfer From One Side To The Other

Air Chamber Structure

Horizontal I-BeamsHorizontal and Vertical I-BeamsStronger
More Durable
Smoother Surface

Dual Air Chambers


Air Chamber Material

0.6 mm Thick Vulcanized Rubber and Cotton Fabric
Mold Resistant
0.6 mm Thick Vulcanized Rubber and Non-Stretch Cotton
Mold Resistant

Surface Fabric

Knit FabricVelourSofter to the Touch

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

NoYesBetter Conforming Comfort

Side Rail

4" Wide Foam3" Wide,
Ultra-High Density,
High Purity Foam
4% Larger Sleeping Area
Better Edge Support
More Durable

Remote Control

Dual Wired or Single Wireless RemoteDual Wired RemotesNone

Remote Control Display

Monochrome, Digital
Colored Bar-Graph
Easier to Read and Understand

Pressure Measurement

Semi-Real timeReal timeMore Accurate Firmness Indication

Auto-Fill Function


Memory Function



Plastic PolymerSolid WoodMore Aesthetically Pleasing Classical Look


20 Year Limited20 Year LimitedSame


Up to 6 Boxes2 BoxesEasier to Transport


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