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Why Buy an Air Bed Mattress

There are many reasons to use an air mattress rather than a traditional innerspring mattress. In addition to those reasons, an Alfa Air Bed offers more features and qualities. Here are some of the bigger reasons why you should use an Alfa Air Bed.

Air-Chamber and Foam Technology Provides Superior Comfort

The Alfa Air bed uses air-chamber and foam technology. Instead of hard steel coils of a traditional mattress that create high pressure points along your body, an Alfa Air Bed cushions and more properly supports every inch of your body with individual chambers of air. This allows for more even weight distribution and proper spinal alignment. The aches and pains from high pressure points on your body such as your neck, back, hips and legs are eliminated. Research indicates you'll fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and awake more refreshed in the morning on an air bed.

Easily Adjustable Comfort and Firmness

Press a button and you are on your way to more deep, restorative sleep. Our intuitive handheld remote and advanced air pump system allow you to easily and quickly adjust the firmness on your side of the bed. This allows you to create your ideal sleep surface firmness whether you prefer feather soft through extra firm.

Each Side of the Bed Adjusts Independently

9 out of 10 couples prefer different sleep surfaces and therefore are not completely comfortable on the same mattress. Rather than settling for a fixed-firmness mattress that is either too soft or too hard, we offer the perfect solution to both partners. For about the same cost as a traditional mattress, the air-chamber technology of an Alfa Air bed lets each of you set the mattress to your exact level of comfort and firmness.

You Toss and Turn Less

Sleep research shows that an average person tosses and turns up to 60 times each night on a traditional spring mattress because of uncomfortable pressure points. The Alfa Air bed eliminates these pressure points and thus greatly reduces tossing and turning so that the amount of uninterrupted sleep increases. This is particularly noticeable for people who are over the age of 45 or who have shoulder injuries.

Lasts Longer

Alfa Air Beds last longer than traditional spring mattresses. Traditional spring mattresses bed and sag after a few years of use due to repetitive and constant compression of springs in localized areas. Air beds do not have springs that can become permanently compressed. Instead, our air beds use nylon-infused air chambers that maintain shape and integrity over time.  The air chambers also reduce the local pressure points by evenly distributing weight throughout the air mattress. As a result, the layers of highest quality foam last longer without experiencing permanent compression.

Alfa air mattresses also last longer than other air and foam mattresses. All foam mattresses suffer from permanent localized compression. Alfa Air Beds feature a dual symmetrical zipper design so that the layers of foam inside can be easily rotated and flipped.  This allows the foam to better recover from compression and increases the lifespan of the Alfa Air Bed compared to other air mattresses.

Reduced Disturbance

The separate air chambers reduce the vibrations and movements transferred from one side of the bed to the other so that when your partner moves or gets out of bed, you will continue to sleep undisturbed.

Easier to Clean

Have you ever accidentally stained your mattress? Do you have problems with dust and allergens buildup on your bed? The Alfa Air Bed features a zippered design so that the mattress cover can be easily removed and cleaned.  The mattress cover is also durable so you can even machine wash or dry clean it.


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