About Alfa Airbeds Mattresses

Our sleep system is made for comfort, proper body support, durability, and ease of use. Dual air chambers provide two independently adjustable firmness zones so that each person can sleep with absolute comfort. Designed with every detail in mind, the Alfa Air Bed is perfect for your sleep needs.

Air Bed Layers

Air Mattress Cover

The mattress cover is the surface on which you sleep. The top surface is made from micro-fiber pseudo-suede, which is comfortable and soothing to the touch and cools you during the summer. The inner pad is made of polyester and rayon.  This fabric combination is naturally fire retardant and chemical-free to keep you, your family, and your home safe. The two 1-inch layers of super-soft foam integrated within the cover provide a seamless cushion for pressure point reduction and helps to insulate and warm you in the winter. The mattress cover features a zippered design that allows for easy removal and cleaning.  It also zips closed around 2 more layers of comfort and support providing foam.

Comfort Memory Foam and Support Foam Layers

There are two layers of foam enclosed in the mattress cover that we have custom-crafted to provide the maximum functionality and adjustability.

The top layer is a 1-inch thick visco-elastic memory foam. Initially designed to provide comfort to NASA astronauts during space shuttle launches, the memory foam completely conforms to your body, providing absolute comfort by evenly distributing weight.

The bottom layer is a 1.25-inch thick high-density convoluted foam that provides extra support. It enhances the air circulation within the mattress to improve heat and moisture dissipation.  The convoluted foam also bridges the gap and smoothes the transition between the two air chambers to eliminate the divided feeling experienced in other high end air beds.

Mattress Air Chambers

Our air chambers are designed and made to provide outstanding comfort and support while withstanding more than 20 years of heavy duty use. The I-Beam baffled design allows the air chamber to adjust to each person's body for more natural spinal alignment, while providing stability and strength. Vulcanized rubber heat-infused with woven polyester fibers, the air chambers are puncture resistant and will not warp over time. Tested to withstand 1500 pounds, our air chambers are guaranteed to be exceptionally strong throughout the years. The air mattresses are also made mold-resistant so that you will not encounter any sanitary issues. Each mattress comes with two of our ultra-durable firmness adjustable air chambers to provide each person maximum sleep comfort. Unlike competitors like Select Comfort, our air chambers are attached to each other. This allows for a seamless transition from one side of the mattress to the other so that you will always feel close to your partner.

High Density Foam Borders

The edges of our mattresses are lined with 3-inch wide border walls made of high density foam. These foam walls are strong enough to support the body when sitting on the edge of the bed, resilient enough to bounce back to their original shape even after years of use, and soft enough to comfortably sleep on. This gives proper edge support and helps you to stay in the optimal sleeping area so that you get a better night's rest. The borders are connected by specialized corner guards that create a stable interlocking perimeter with rigid corners that give your bed a clean look and make it easier to hold fitted sheets tight.

Air Bed Comfort Control System

The comfort control system consists of two parts: a pump and two remotes. Together, they allow you to select your individual comfort level with the touch of a button.

Our whisper-quiet, compact pump allows for comfortable adjustments without waking your partner. The pump consumes a mere 25 watts of power from your electric outlet and only uses power when making firmness adjustments. This means that the mattress retains the firmness level even during power outages. The air pump is also installed within the mattress so that the mattress is more reliable and your bedroom maintains a clean appearance.

The backlit, color-coded remote is easy to read and use at night without straining your eyes. This handheld device also includes real-time display of your firmness level so that you can always tell how firm your mattress is. With additional features like "Auto-Fill" and "Memory", the comfort control system includes everything you need to quickly and easily adjust your mattress at the touch of a button.


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